The Government Listens To Lobbyists And The Wealthy, Not You And Me

It isn’t as if this is a new phenomena, we have seen the wealthy and the corporate titans dominate our democracy for many decades, we the people had a few decent men and women who made a difference for us, despite what the wealthy and the titans tried to dictate, but unfortunately without those special people, we the people are left behind; I am thinking of presidents Roosevelt and Roosevelt, L.B.J, and activists of all stripes. The only way that we can escape the devastating rulings that have come out of the Roberts Court is to embrace activism and bring it to the Capital. We need to get in the face of our legislators and demand to be heard. If this could be a reality; we, I think, would be all doing it now across the board, but who has the time? The polices that have been bought and paid for by the wealthy and the corporate titans have made our workdays very similar to the hamster activity wheel, spinning fast and hard with nowhere to go but in place. We are no longer the land of opportunity, we have become the land of entrenched class lines, who you were born to is more important than your skills and talents. We need to fight for our public education, our public lands, and our government; I don’t want to live in an auction house, where everything goes to the highest bidder, I would like to see merit to mean something more.
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