Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Republicans Have ‘Led The Fight For Women’s Equality’

Ms. Blackburn may be correct with her history, but she has to acknowledge that the current Republican Party is nothing like the party of Lincoln nor Teddy Roosevelt, nor Eisenhower for that matter. Her comrades in arms have been greatly influenced and dominated by the Evangelicals, the N.R.A and the renegade billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Our current Republican Party fights for the power to deregulate, privatize and impose religious law across the board. They are achieving their goals through the courts, the state houses and on the federal level. They are not making things better for women, au contraire and I don’t see how Ms. Blackburn can deny it, they are actively seeking to curtail women’s rights economically, medically and politically. The poor single mother out there in our society is being denied her right to equal wages, her right to unencumbered voting privileges and her right to feed her family. The Republican Party has decided collectively to wage war on the poor, not on poverty, but specifically on the poor and women make up a good size chunk of that population, combined with their war on reproductive rights; how can Ms. Blackburn stand there with a straight face and state that her party has always been the party fighting for women and their rights. As I said her history may be correct, but sadly that is all that it is, history.
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