America’s Top Young Scientists Warn Of Systemic Brain Drain: Colleagues ‘Sort Of Disappear’

This is what happens when a political party demonizes and disrespects science as a whole because, in their mind, it contradicts their religious beliefs and values. According to our constitution there should be a solid black line between religion and state, our founding fathers were men of letters and some were inventors, but all of them were intellectually curious and open to intellectual and philosophical pursuits. These days it seems that the majority of the Republican Party do not care if the rest of the world leaves us behind in the scientific race. President Clinton has stated huge regret when he signed the bill canceling the Supercollider in Texas; Neil DeGrasse Tyson echoes the sentiment regarding that huge mistake because he said scientists follow where the science is happening; along with the support, grants and funds, facilities and support. Our current congress with the self-imposed sequestration, has once again slashed funding for science related research, innovation and development. We as a nation need to radically adjust our thinking; it seems that we have been stuck thinking small when instead we should be thinking big. I have always heard that the corporate bumper sticker was you have to spend money to make money, shouldn’t it extend to our national policy? When it comes to war and guns, the Republican Party loves to spend, but when it comes to basic solid investment where it benefits poor and wealthy alike; no one is home. We need science, we don’t need more penthouses.
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  1. THANK YOU AGAIN! This is the very best post for 2014!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

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