Jon Stewart Made Elizabeth Warren Puke

I remember that interview and she did very well. I can certainly understand how nervous she must have been and I too would have been in the ladies room feeling ill. I am very proud to have her as my Senator and her performance most definitely showed the Jon Stewart demographic what an excellent professor she is, what a strong public policy advocate she is and how committed she is to fighting for the rights and the economic freedoms of the ordinary working man and woman. Jon Stewart can be a tough interviewer only in the sense that he combines intelligence and comedy into his political interviews and that can bite you very quickly if you are not up to the task or if you are being disingenuous. I have seen Jon Stewart go toe to toe with Jim DeMint and it becomes obvious so very quickly that Jim DeMint knows that he is being called out on his talking points that are designed to lull the masses into believing that he is fighting for their “economic freedoms”, meanwhile, attacking the regulatory agencies and the government programs that are put in place precisely to keep the corporate body of America honest. That is what I like about Jon Stewart’s interviews, they aren’t softball interviews, they show that he is prepared and ready to ask some tough questions with humor thrown in to entertain and also to throw the interviewee off balance. Elizabeth Warren did herself proud.
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