Republicans Aren’t Moving On From Obamacare

Everything in that video can be debunked except for the phrase “it’s time to move on”. This is an example of political lying and I hope that the case that is before the Supreme Court where the Justices will decide if it is constitutionally okay to allow political lies to be spread without any consequence, will rule that it is not okay to intentionally spread lie to the American people. The idea that insurance premiums will increase by double digits has just been shown to be false by the C.B.O and other impartial sources, the people who lost their health care insurance by virtue of the fact that it was the insurance companies themselves who dropped them without offering alternatives, those people have had a grace period extended to them to get new insurance, we have been inundated with so many lies from the Republican Party and yet none of them have deterred the American people from signing up for the ACA. Despite all of this evidence, the Republican Party still commits itself to attacking and trying to repealing and obstructing the funding of our law, where do they get their information? I suppose that they could have gotten their information from the same guru who provided the Romney camp the idea that they were winning the presidency. The American people have spoken, they have accepted the ACA as the law of the land and the Republican Party must come to terms with it.
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