Elizabeth Warren Book Is A Liberal Call To Arms That Rips Tea Party ‘Magical Thinking’

Do the tea party activists and the republican base as a whole truly understand what government really means and what it actually does? I think that they just need some bogey man to rail against such as when they say “I’m going to stick it to the man” without realizing that our government, though far from perfect, is one of the best expressions of a republic out there. We have standards for water, air and safety. We have laws that protect many different freedoms. Perhaps I should specify that these laudable standards that I am writing about were much stronger in the days before the tea party came into being and the Republican Party was co-opted by the evangelicals and the libertarians. My favorite republican will always be Teddy Roosevelt; he understood what government was all about and he passionately believed in public service. He understood the duty that his class owed the American people as did his cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They both worked so hard to get government to work for the American people, instead of just letting big business and the wealthy class use and game our government for their own gains. They were both right in the middle of the gilded eras and they responded in turn, employing the tools available to them in the way that I see senator Warren wishing to employ today. I can see her being our present day economic and class warrior, I am thankful to have her as my senator.
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