David Brooks Actually Talked About Obama’s ‘Manhood Problem In The Middle East’

It is very easy for “journalists” like David Brooks to sit on the sidelines of brutal and bloody conflicts and referee without having to answer for any damages or consequences and the worst of it is that they still get paid to write and show up on Sunday morning political shows. I have alway found it of interest that seasoned veterans of armed combat are often the last who want to get back into another war whereas the pundits and legislators are always the first. I would welcome making our draft return, it would force us to really think long and hard before sending our sons and daughters off when they don’t want a career in the military. In terms of the Middle East; we figure out Israel and Palestine, we figure out eventual peace. The cradle of civilization should be available to all, these destructive, fatal and barbaric wars over religious right and might will be the downfall of all. But for David Brook to sit there and call into question our President’s manhood is just over the top and wrong on so many levels. He should leave the serious foreign policy discussions to those who are ready to speak of the most basic right of all, the right to exist whether you are an Israeli, a Palestinian, a Jordanian or a Syrian. We all have a right to exist.
read the article:


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