GOP Lawmakers Fought To Keep These People Uninsured. Now They Have To Rely On Hope.

GOP Lawmakers Fought To Keep These People Uninsured. Now They Have To Rely On Hope.When I read these people’s real world struggles as they inhabit a universe based on right wing political and economic ideology, my first thought is “people move to a blue state”, but it isn’t that easy. When you are financially strapped, the last thing that you can afford is to pick up and move elsewhere. I find the refusal to expand Medicaid to those who need it for their health coverage is absolutely and fundamentally cruel. Moreover this incredibly cruel decision is made by men and women who don’t have to worry about health insurance for themselves or their families because these governors and legislators are covered as public servants, the irony of that is rich. So not only are these republican lawmakers against expanding health care coverage for all, but they are against fighting for living wages, consumer protections; more or less anything that will be an inconvenience for big business and the wealthy, this is simply my personal assessment of the situation, and these politicians still get elected, I can’t understand how anyone who is not a millionaire, can ever vote for a republican nowadays. The republicans have not been shy about their views on who is deserving of our tax dollars and who isn’t. If you are wealthy, you may have as many tax cuts as you like; if you are poor, going through tough times, pray very hard because that is all that the Republican Party has in store for you.
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