Losing Their Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Help These People Find Work

There are a few issues that do not make sense to me regarding the Republican Party and their relationship with economics, government and the average person. First the dichotomy between their treatment of the wealthy and the rest of their constituents is so clear and well defined. The right fundamentally believes that government is here to service, protect, defend and invest in the wealthy and their corporate counterparts. Moreover the decision to exempt corporations and the wealthy class from paying their fair share of taxes so that they can decide how to utilize their own wealth, makes the burden so much tougher on the rest of us, but that is okay, because according the republican ideology if you aren’t doing well, it is simply because you aren’t working hard enough, none of this feeding off the public teat. A philosophy that I find to be cruel and not realistic given the economic landscape.The right believes that the wealthy deserve all the government largesse they demand, because they are “deserving” since obviously they “worked hard” for their wealth. When in hard cold facts, economic policies fueled by political ideology fashioned our tax code in such a way as to produce this generation of 1%’s, these policies have had far reaching consequences. In actuality all of what we are seeing is a direct result of decades of policy decisions starting just a bit before Reagan. Their decision to starve the unemployed is just another example of their flawed economic ideology.
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