Cliven Bundy: Are Black People ‘Better Off As Slaves’ Than ‘Under Government Subsidy?’

There is a saying “Intelligent people are continuously plagued by doubt and it is the stupid who are happy in their certainty”. When remarks such as Mister Bundy’s pollute our air, ears and sensibilities, it can only be through sheer callous stupidity; it is shamefully obvious that Mister Bundy does not have a clue what slavery is, because if he did, he would sooner cut out his tongue than to say such a profoundly offensive and ignorant statement as he did. Moreover, trying to tie government subsidies to slavery is not only low, it is immoral, but if he wants to continue along these lines, perhaps we should ask the Big Banks how they feel being enslaved to their precious government subsidies, we can then ask Big Oil, Coal and Agriculture how they feel, we can see how quickly they clamor for their freedom. I still think that we need to take Mister Bundy to task for his long career of stealing from our public lands. The right wind pundits crow mightily about the takers and the moochers; why aren’t they calling Mister Bundy out for being one, instead they were calling him a patriot for taking from the commons. This entire business is despicable.
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