GOP Lawmaker Says Women Don’t Deserve Equal Pay Because They’re Lazier

State Rep. Will Infantine should take a long hard look at his world around him and take some time to really ponder on what he just said, standing there in front of an audience and lumping women into a category of lazy slackers more concerned with flexibility of working hours than that of money, completely ignores the reality of most women’s daily struggle. Yes women may ask for greater flexibility in the hours they work, but that in no way diminishes how hard they work the hours they then put in. Moreover women don’t just work a single job; their work, if they are single mothers, entails the work of three people or they might be forced to work two jobs outside the home plus the work they do once they are inside the home. So I think that we can all agree that women do not shy away from work so they should not be unfairly shortchanged for the work that they do. It isn’t difficult; equal pay for equal work. When there is a persistant discomprency of outcomes in the workplace, it does belong under the realm of federal regulation to require employers to adhere to a standard that should insure that everyone is paid equitably. man or woman. Women are a dominant presence in our consumer economy and by putting the correct amount of compensation in their weekly pay, we are making sure as a society that our economic wheel keeps running along at a stronger pace.
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