Warren Offers Women a Bracing Dose of Reality

Senator Warren is a breath of fresh air in politics; she doesn’t only speak to women issues, but to all issues that matter to 99%. She has been working on bankruptcy issues, credit card issues and mortgage issues for over twenty years and thank goodness because we need all of the help that we can get. She is very clear about the fact that the 1% have all of the money and power to get their needs and demands met by our congress; yet she doesn’t present this fact as something to just accept as fact and roll over; she calls for action with our votes, our petitions, our phone calls and our ability to be thorns in our elected officials. I know that she isn’t running for office, but other democrats everywhere including Hillary Clinton should be joining senator Warren and her vision. What makes me sad about the state of affairs that we find ourselves, is that what senator Warren is speaking to needn’t be a vision, her proffered solutions are common sense and would do a lot to making our lives economically more sound. Just look at the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, her brain child, it has since its inception has delivered 3 million back into the pockets of average Americans from deceptive banking practices;; she not only has a vision, but she ushered it into fruition and we are seeing the real world benefits of her moral and ethical convictions.
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