Obama: Donald Sterling Comments ‘Incredibly Offensive’

Some may have tried to use the election of President Obama as proof that racism is no longer alive and well in our nation, but unfortunately this is far from the case. I would argue that President Obama’s election and re-election has stirred the pot and brought up the latent racism that has always existed and brought it up to the surface to the light of day and boy is it ugly. We have been witness to it with the Birthers, the complete republican obstructive tactics in congress, the ultra conservative majority inhabiting our Supreme Court who have systematically dismantled the protections that had been afforded to our minorities to allow for a more equitable playing field. What makes me most angry is the blatant hypocrisy that the Republican Party peddles to the American people; corporate tax breaks and subsidies are fine for the “job creators” yet those struggling on a daily basis while working hard for the bare minimum, are not worthy of our investment in getting them engaged in the virtuous economic cycle of living wages, productivity and spending; as Paul Krugman said “my paycheck is spent creating your paycheck and so on and so forth” hence the virtuous cycle. The Republican Party has managed to combine their disdain for minorities and the poor together in one fell swoop through their legislative agenda of curtailing voting rights and blocking any progressive economic policies designed to lift all boats by increasing minimum wages and allowing health care coverage.
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