Elizabeth Warren Sidesteps Clinton Question, Says Wall Fat Cats ‘Strut Around Washington’

Senator Warren is too diplomatic and too savvy to let herself be baited on a Sunday morning political show. If you just listen to her words, you will see that she is as far from a corporate democrat as you can get. I have to say that besides elegantly sidestepping questions about Hillary Clinton, I hadn’t a clue that she previously voted republican and identified as an independent. I find it interesting that it was under the Clinton administration that she turned towards the Democratic Party after seeing what harm the financial deregulations could do to Main Street, but I wonder if she subconsciously turned towards the democrat side because she saw that corporate democrats such as former President Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer needed to be kept in check within their own party. I am so disappointed in the legacy that Bill Clinton left, the repeal of Glass-Steagal and the Futures Commodities Modernization Act were both signed into law by him and that let Wall Street loose in the wilds of finance casino land where Wall Street gambled our economy into a corner and we were left holding the bag while they got bailed out. Senator Warren simply wants to put the sensible restraints that were proven to work very well at keeping banks and Wall Street on the up and up historically and kept our economy from imploding. I hope that even as senator Warren stays away from presidential aspirations, she continues to speak out very, very loudly.
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