SEC Commissioner Issues Scathing Dissent From Ruling, Elizabeth Warren Echoes Concern

This latest miscarriage of justice just proves to me how wrong we were to have thrown our tax dollars at the big banks to bolster and prop them back up after the Great Recession, we should have let them go down. But that is neither here nor there, it was done and we paid the steep price. What makes me so angry is that everything that has happened leading up to the Great Recession and everything afterwards is entirely man-made and made by choices influenced by those very men in power who are operating solely for their own greed, power and profit margin. The titans of finance have no allegiance to our nation, they are global citizens and all they care about are their bonuses, keeping their investors happy and keeping their power base intact. I don’t see how us, ordinary citizens, can affect change in the revolving doors that connect the corridors of power in D.C, K Street, Wall Street and the regulatory agencies. According to the book by Thomas Picketty “Capital in the 21st Century” our brief period of middle class success was an aberration due to a confluence of factors; two world wars, a Great Depression and the annihilation of concentrated wealth sources which opened the door to great social and political policies envisioned by a great man F.D.R and his advisors. If only we had let the system break so that we could have rebuilt it, perhaps then we could have swung the pendulum back.
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