Botched Oklahoma Execution Could Renew Constitutional Challenges To Death Penalty

Perhaps we should look at what the Market is saying, since the states are having an extraordinarily difficult time getting their supplies in spite of their desperate demand, perhaps the Invisible Hand of the Market is saying that it is time to find another way besides corporate punishment. That could be seen as me being snide, but we as a nation need to find a way to deal with our huge prison problem, our death row problem which is disproportionately African American, both problems stem from our racist drug laws, the stupid three strikes you are out policy poverty and now we are seeing, in a few states, a pipeline that leads from schools directly to juvenile detention centers and then to prison. Why have we become number one in the statistics that no one would want to be known for; incarceration, prison population and obesity? We are lagging far behind in the stats that normally would make us proud such as infant mortality, child poverty, health care coverage and now our middle class is no longer the strongest. The direction that we have been pursuing since the 1980’s shown to us by Saint Ronnie has essentially driven us fast and hard racing down to the bottom. I know that it will be very difficult to get us out of this hole that the wealthy and corporations have dug for us, but we can do it. Lawmakers such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Saunders have excellent ideas. We should listen.
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