Welcome to “Post-Racial” America

Unfortunately fear of the “other” is deeply encoded within the conservative mind; we see it not only about race, but with religion and gender. The deeply conservative personality likes to stay within their own grouping and the “other” is seen with suspicion and misgivings. It is far easier to blame the “other” for one’s misfortune than to open one’s eyes and see that it is your own party that has betrayed you with its economic ideology that supports and protects Wall Street entirely at the expense of Main Street. The wealthy and the powerful know full well that the strategy of divide and conquer works well against our own people as well as any foreign enemy; keep the 99% fighting each other for the scraps and they will be too exhausted to revolt against the ones who need to be replaced. The election of President Obama never signaled an end to racism, instead it brought to the forefront all of its latent and dormant tendrils right to the surface for its ugliness to see the light of day. I believe that the right wing branch of the Republican Party despises being called out for what they know they really are, bigots and racists; because for them it is all about appearances, they are just smart enough to know that appearing to be racist is bad. All of this proves to me that only the unintelligent are racist, when one is open and curious about the world, you can’t be racist.
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