Fox News Cuts Away From Obama Press Conference Because Nobody’s Asking About Benghazi

The Benghazi tragedy is just that a horrible tragedy and I find the Republican Party blanket obsession over making this into an Obama administration scandal, is to be deaf, dumb and blind to the victim’s families suffering and grief. Moreover trying to score political points off a tragedy is in the poorest taste ever, besides squandering our taxpayers dollars and our congress people’s legislative time. Under the Bush administration we had similar tragedies, we honored and buried the victims and hopefully we moved on with a renewed commitment to better safeguard our men and women in uniform and civilians oversees. That is exactly what we should be doing with the Benghazi tragedy, use our resources to further insure everyone’s safety and not use the tragedy to manipulate it into a scandal to further republican aims and agenda. What Fox News did at our President’s news conference isn’t a surprise, however I would say that if you are going to call yourself a news organization, it would behoove you to report all the news and not cherry-pick what you report to your viewers. Reporting news this way just keeps your news followers in the category of low information audience members. Unfortunately low information voters are not helpful in a democracy, we need an educated electorate, not the opposite.

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