Diagnosing Paul Ryan’s Psychopathy: Arrogant, Manipulative, Deceitful, Remorseless

What I find confusing about Paul Ryan is that he was a recipient of social security benefits from the tragic death of his father when he was a young boy; I am sure that those payments helped him in some measure, I doubt he returned them so why would he deny others the same helping hand? We come together as a society to help others less fortunate because not only is it the right and moral thing to do, but in the cold hard sense of practicality, it behooves us to keep people off of the streets; our economic, social and political well-being depends on it. Paul Ryan has been consistently chastised by the Catholic nuns and the Catholic Bishops for his harsh policy prescriptions and his Ayn Randian views. I know that he majored in economics and political science at school, but his narrow concentration of the Austrian school of economic philosophy of supply-side economics has severely hampered his scholarship and practical application of his education in real world policy recommendations and implementation. He has put a lot of stock on his scholarship in furthering his career in D.C; he enjoys his reputation as the intellectual of the party. I would argue that it is difficult to boast of your intellectual prowess when what is going on around us globally disproves the merits of austerity economics. We have decades of data that show that Keynesian philosophy does much more for society and economies in terms of growth and prosperity.
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