Climate Change Is Already Here, Says Massive Government Report

The only thing that this report is saying new is that the time for action isn’t in the distant future, it is now. The fact that this is a report based on science makes me scared because our other political party has decided that scientific research and findings aren’t good enough to warrant serious consideration. Our military has taken climate change extremely seriously and regards it as a matter of national security which gives me some hope; in the past our Department of Defense and NASA have developed and then guided very useful technologies into the civilian sector so there may be hope on the green energy front after all. I can’t believe that Big Oil, Gas and Coal are so blinded by their obsession for profits and power that they refuse to adjust to newer and cleaner technologies; since when did capitalism and its oh so omniscient “invisible hand” become lazy and complacent, content with the way things are and not strive for what may be. I suppose that the intellectual curiosity still only exists in the realm of small start-ups and garage entrepreneurs, the dreamers and visionaries who are willing to take risks that the Big Business dinosaurs are too scared of doing since they answer to shareholders. We see it every week on the show Shark Tank; the “sharks” only invest when there is no risk, that has become capitalism in America; the little guy takes all the risk while the big guys reap all the rewards.
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