Wide Majorities Losing Faith In John Roberts’ Supreme Court, Want Term Limits

I think that it is the absolute finality of the Supreme Court’s decisions that have slapped America awake, especially the tremendous impact that Citizens United has had on our democracy, I mean the insanity of saying that corporations are people, it still boggles my mind. That one ruling opened the door to many other assaults on our democracy not to mention the buying of our legislative and thus political process. Moreover, the Supreme Court has begun chipping away at the separation between Church and State, notably with the Greece N.Y case where now town meetings can be opened with prayer, I can only say that of the Hobby Lobby case before the Court now, I am so anxious that the Court will find that “for profit” employers have the religious right to deny women contraceptive coverage. Can you imagine corporations having religious rights? If Hobby Lobby wins their case they will use those rights to deny women contraceptive care; this is why we need Medicare for All so that corporations cannot dictate their religious beliefs to their employees. What is so hypocritical about this lawsuit is that Hobby Lobby holds mutual funds that invests in the day after pill manufacturer. I have heard quite often over the years from the republican side of the aisle that activist judges have no place on the Supreme Court. I guess that they didn’t mean conservative activism, obviously for them that doesn’t count. They were only speaking to the liberal type of activism.
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