Senate Republicans Support Energy Efficiency Bill, But Hold It ‘Hostage’ Anyway

What makes this tragic is that not only is this a bi-partisan bill, one of those rare events in and of itself, but Reid is offering a compromise in allowing for a separate vote on the Keystone Pipeline to get it on record for everyone to go home and show how they supported their constituent’s interests and still, that is not enough to have the republicans sit up and actually do something for our nation by voting for an important energy efficiency piece of legislation that can create jobs and save us a substantial amount of money. Don’t the republicans get it? Our infrastructure is crumbling down around us, our internet speed is a joke compared to Europe as is our cell phone reception, we don’t even have high speed rail, our highways are in such shoddy conditions; the ancient roads built by the Romans aren’t littered with pot holes the way our roads are. We should be demanding that our republican friends in government stop wasting our tax dollars obstructing everything in sight and start fixing or at least allowing things to be fixed. President Eisenhower would be sorely disappointed that one of his accomplishments, the interstate highway was allowed to rot beneath our feet because the Republican Party refuses to collect the necessary revenue from those who can afford it to keep our house of cards from toppling over. Isn’t there a saying “to whom much is given, much is required”? That fits in nicely with progressive taxation.
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