Kay Hagan, In Tight Senate Race, Goes All In On Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Finally a democrat who is owning the Affordable Care Act. Bill Maher gave this excellent piece of advice last month on his show and he is right, democrats have to own their legislation and their vision and talk loud and proud about it; no more apologizing or second guessing. It is true, if you talk like a winner, people will more than likely see you as a winner. The latest study came out about health insurance coverage and its link to mortality; it was done using the statistics from Massuchusetts since its adoption of Romneycare and they have found a significant decline in mortality rates from the previously uninsured population. This study’s findings can be extraoplated to show real world consequences to Republican intansigent refusal to provide Medicaid expansion to the thousands who hover between full out poverty and barely making it week after week. The republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act, despite the newest crop of good news revolving around its implementaion, serves no one except for the republican leaders themselves as they keep getting massive influx of cash from their favorite donors the Koch brothers and others. Personally I would love Medicare for All, I am keeping my eyes locked on Vermont to see how they fare with their own plan for 2017, but who knows as The Affordable Care Act matures and adapts, maybe in time we will eventually all get Medicare for All as we see that a single payer system is the better option.
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