Once A Walmart Boycotter, Obama Now On Cozier Terms With Retailer

If I were Walmart, between the many different platforms that our President is trying to get action on such as lifting the minimum wage, increasing usage of green energy sources, better food choices and health care coverage for all, would I really want all this spotlight on my business model? Perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing for our President to shine a huge spotlight on one of our biggest employers, goodness only knows that each time our President has reached out to Walmart, that has fired up the social media sphere, engulfing the airways with much needed discussion on worker’s rights, worker solidarity, worker safety and health care coverage. If our President wasn’t aggravating the progressives and the unions with his visits to Walmart, the passionate discourse might not be as frequent or coming from so many different sources. Another fact of the matter is that since Walmart is so very large, its impact is as large as its size; so whatever impact that our President can have over Walmart by firing up the unions and the progressives in their activism, even if it may be inadvertent, then whatever positive change that may occur will produce outcomes that reverberate widely throughout our economy and society; like a well thrown stone in a wide pond.
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