Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy Once Called Expert Witnesses A Charade

The creation of this committee dedicating more time and resources into making a scandal out of the Benghazi tragedy is further proof that the Republican Party is devoid of any productive and substantial policy ideas and since they have nothing to offer the American people they have to fill the vacuum of their practical and real world agenda with fabricated scandals. They are searching for the bogey man and even if they haven’t found it, they will waste our valuable taxpayer dollars and time piecing one together e-mail, by e-mail. We have bridges and highways to rebuild, we have rivers to clean up after derailed trains spilled nasty oil into them, the list is very long and what makes me so angry is that the amount of money that the Republican Party wasted in trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act alone would have gone a long way to fixing many of these real world problems. I am so frustrated with the state of politics between the two parties; the Republican Party seems to always set the agenda, capture the messaging and the progressive voices get pushed aside. Yes there was a horrific tragedy, but it wasn’t the first. During the Bush administration, we had quite a few tragedies with even more casualties and we didn’t reduce those tragedies to exploitative scandals, so why is the Republican Party bent on doing it to Benghazi? I propose that it is because they have nothing left in their arsenal to talk about.
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