Marco Rubio: I Don’t Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change

Did I understand Marco Rubio correctly; is he saying that human activity has not had any effect on the carbon levels in our atmosphere and our dependency on fossil fuels has not greatly polluted our planet at every level possible, its waterways, its air and its soil? Is he also saying that since he doesn’t believe that we have had any effect on the climate; it has a mind of its own, therefore there is nothing in our power to redress the situation? Why is Marco Rubio in office then? If he believes that man has no power to affect change than why does he want to serve in public office? I would ask that he resign from office and stop occupying dead space if he is simply going to sit there and do nothing. We need people in office who want to affect change and make things happen. If we pursued solar and wind energy with the same passion and determination as we did with fossil fuel, we would be sitting in a better spot environmentally speaking. From my perspective, even if all of this climate change was a huge hoax, I would not be upset, I love the idea of a cleaner and healthier planet. The idea of a plastic waste free ocean, clear running water, smog free cities; the picture would be beautiful. We have it within our means to do it; all it takes is the political and societal will to make it so.
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