George Will Strikes Out vs. Obamacare

It is astounding to me how ideology can trap a person into rejecting laws that are aimed to do good or policies that provide aid and help where it is most needed. But I have to say most especially in George Will’s case; his real world experiences do not bear out nor prove that his ideological beliefs work in this present day reality; he is fiercely anti Social Security, he is fiercely anti Obamacare and of course government has no place in the lives of Americans beyond the military and that’s it. He is too young to remember the crisis of elderly poverty that Social Security helped to practically eradicate, George was in the prime of his life during the most prosperous years of the American century, the 20th. The health insurance cost crisis only came afterwards when he got older, after Reagan signed into law that hospitals must treat all, college costs were negligible during his time and why? Because the federal and in turn the states were funding higher education. George Will would fight me to the end about that, but George’s personal success was helped along the way by government aid behind the scenes; it was only when President Reagan took a hammer to the symbiotic relationship between government and people that we now see how hard opportunity and possibilities are to make for oneself on our own. Bring George Will back to redo his life after the Reagan presidency and we might see a different George.
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