Bill Clinton: ‘Terrible Mistake’ For Democrats To Run Away From Obamacare In 2014

Bill Clinton is right; democrats need to start being proactive rather than reactive, when you’re constantly reacting, you are coming from behind and that is something that the democrats have to rip out of their play books. They need to get front and center about all of the great things that the Affordable Care Act has implemented such as eliminating pre-existing conditions, keeping children on their insurance until the age of 26, no more lifetime limits or caps, free annual well care check ups and a host of other benefits designed to make our health care system more affordable and outcome accountable. Moreover they need to remind everyone that health care coverage is no longer tethered to their employment, thereby giving employees much more freedom to evaluate their employment circumstances without that albatross hanging around their necks. The democrats need to connect with their constituents and that starts with reminding them that they stand for opportunities, possibilities and investing back into their communities and their lives. Furthermore that we are all in this together and our government is for us, by us and of us. As Paul Krugman says all of the time “your spending money is my paycheck as is my paycheck your spending money” we are all connected, most of us don’t hide away from each other in gated compounds. And that is the message that democrats have to run with; community, foundational building, reinvestment and working to make lives better from the ground up.
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