Kelly Ayotte Says She Ignored Scott Brown’s Wishes For The Good Of New Hampshire

I am hoping that the good people of New Hampshire see through Scott Brown’s disingenuous words and realize that the entire strategy for blocking the Shaheen-Portman bill only to make the democrats look bad at election time, hurts not only the country, but New Hampshire as well. Moreover being a neighbor of New Hampshire, I live in Massachusetts, I am not in favor of any Keystone pipeline; be it from the North, the West or the East. Out here in the Northeast we have been actively petitioning and campaigning to not allow the TransCanada pipeline to go through our states; we have gorgeous rivers, lakes and farmland, no one wants to see those polluted by all to common pipeline spills. Scott Brown had his chance in the senate and he was voted out as soon as we had the best candidate for the position, our Elizabeth Warren. She is doing for us what Scot Brown never did, work for the average person. Scott Brown was all about the Republican Party and their high end donors. I would venture that voting him in to office would be a shot in the foot for most New Hampshire residents. Simply celebrating the defeat of the Shaheen-Portman bill underscores how little he learned of the legislative process; by not allowing a vote due to the filibuster, the republicans obstructed the vote on Keystone. Once again they made sure that nothing got done and that’s what Brown is cheering, not exactly public servant material.
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