Alan Grayson Ready And Willing To Serve On Benghazi Panel

If it were to be determined by vote, then Alan Grayson would have my vote. He is fearless when it comes to laying it all out in black and white. I remember that it was Alan Grayson who bluntly stated that if the Republican Party had its way in terms of health care insurance, you either better be healthy or be dead, you don’t want to be sick with them in charge. We are seeing Alan Grayson’s prophetic words in action wherever there are Republican governors who are denying thousands and thousands access to Medicaid. It is unconscionable but hey I live in a blue state and I am a progressive so I count my lucky stars everyday. The Republican Party already had, how many committees dedicated to the Benghazi hearings? Now they are determinedly spending our tax dollars searching high and low for a scandal and in my mind that is making a mockery of the tragic events that happened in Benghazi. During the Bush administration there were many similar tragedies and the Republican Party stayed silent; they even voted to decrease funds to provide security to overseas embassies, but because this happened during the Obama administration they are not letting it go, not because they care about the people who were killed, but because they need a scandal. That is twisted and cynical and we should censure the Republican Party as a whole for it.
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