Koch Brothers’ Secrets Revealed In New Book

I am glad that the Koch brothers and the family’s origins are at last coming out into the light of day for America to see and understand why they are the way they are; it gives context to their single-minded goals, not that a I agree with their worldview or libertarian ideals, but I understand how they got that way. Basically Daddy Koch taught his boys that the government should not stand in your way to wealth and the ways that you have to go about obtaining your wealth. What annoys me to no end is that the Koch brothers fail to see in their libertarian minded bubble is that they have hijacked the government to not stand aside, but to help them on their way to obscene wealth. They are guilty of being the biggest moochers by strong arming the Republican Party into passing tax codes that are tailor made for wealthy denizens such as them to compound their wealth without doing anything to earn it. That isn’t a “free market”, that isn’t supply and demand, that is only manipulating laws and access to lawmakers. The Koch brothers also rely on using their economic muscle to make regulations a bad thing, that philosophy only benefits their bottom line, but for me that doesn’t hold to a libertarian ideal, their disdain for regulations just shows how selfish, greedy and irresponsible they are; that is why libertarianism is bad for society, we live in proximity to each other.
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