Here’s The Painful Truth About What It Means To Be ‘Working Poor’ In America

These stories need to get national attention; especially on those “highly respected” Sunday morning political shows where our favorite pundits philosophically indulge themselves in dissecting what is wrong with America today; perhaps if they had some faces to humanize these actual stories of what is going on in the real world today they would stop cheerleading for the Republican Party and its adolescent brother the Tea Party. Honestly a huge portion of these stories would be fundamentally helped if we could have gotten behind Medicare for All, but since that didn’t happen, instead of wasting valuable time and money trying to repeal the affordable Care Act close to 50 times; the Republican Party chose to ignore ways to improve upon our new law of the land. Being working poor means that you are the forgotten ones, the ones who are expected to pull themselves up by their boot straps regardless of the fact that those boots may no longer have straps or that they have holes on the bottom. The numbers of working poor are multiplying, I would argue at the same rate as the obscenely wealthy, that is extremely sad and harmful for our society and the saddest part of it all is that this is all manmade. It absolutely does not have to be this way. We have allowed it, partly through ignorance, but now that we know, it should and must change; or shame on us as the electorate.
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