Third Way’s Attacks On Elizabeth Warren Resurface In Close Senate Race

Third Way isn’t doing your average American any favors; personally I feel that they should be championing Elizabeth Warren’s views about the student debt crisis, the reinstatement of Glass-Steagal and her expertise on the mortgage and foreclosure markets instead of attacking her. I think that Third Way shot themselves in the foot when they went after her because I have yet to see anyone take complex and boring issues such as finance, mortgages, securities and derivatives and explain it as clearly and succinctly as Elizabeth Warren. Moreover after she is done explaining, you understand immediately why the need for financial regulation is beyond important; it is crucial to the stability of our economy. It seems that the Republican Party as a whole and Third Way the center right of the Democratic Party are very afraid of Elizabeth Warren’s easy connection to the populace and I would argue they are jealous of her awesomeness. That’s right I think that she is awesome and I am so proud to have her as my senator. I love when she has someone in her crosshairs; she knows how to question regulators and bankers, reminds me of the nuns back in my elementary school days. She also knows how to communicate her passion for fairness and protection for the little guy. If I were Mark Pryor, I would borrow a page or two, not necessarily her views, but her conviction and her passion for the little guy, his constituents will respond.
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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the best things the Democratic Party has to offer.

    1. They definitely are 🙂

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