Tea Party Groups Promise To Support Mitch McConnell After Matt Bevin’s Loss

I recently read an article where McConnell’s former boss ex senator Marlow Cook was genuinely saddened to see his former protege veer so far to the right as to embrace the Tea Party. Former senator Cook was especially upset that McConnell wasn’t working to make the Affordable Care Act a better law, but instead was devoting most of his time trying to repeal it and thereby hurting his fellow Kentuckians. That was at the heart of his disapproval; that the McConnell that he had known had turned away from working to better the lives of his constituents and was now only playing the political game of obstruction to further an ideology that is only meant to service the ambitions and success of the wealthiest among us. I would say that of all of the candidates up for re-election, I was hoping that McConnell would have lost because he is an extremely wily politician and even if the Tea Party candidate would have beaten Allison Grimes in November, Mister Bevin would not be Minority leader nor as formidable a political operative as McConnell so it might have made life a little easier in the senate for democrats. I am keeping my fingers crossed that democrats and progressives everywhere will do their civic duty and turn out in November to vote for their respective candidates. When you see a former republican leader lament how far gone his old pupil is; you must realize that it is necessary to stay engaged and vote.
read the article:

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