Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions On Obamacare Vote

Grimes obviously needs to present her message in ways that her fellow Kentuckians will resonate with; the facts on the ground make it clear that their state health care exchange is extremely popular and that is only possible due to the Affordable Care Act brought forth by the hard work of the Democratic Party. She doesn’t have to give credit to the President if Kentucky is mad at him. Despite the fact that it is their senator Mitch McConnell who has made it his mission to try to get all of his colleagues to obstruct virtually anything getting done; she needs to remind the voters that her party has accomplished many important things and the fact that pre-existing conditions can no longer exclude you from health care coverage is a huge benefit to everyone in our country, and especially in Kentucky. Moreover, Grimes has a long laundry list of all of the missed possibilities and potential job creating legislation that democrats could have passed if McConnell hadn’t led the charge to filibuster them into oblivion solely for the purpose of ideology and power plays. Allison Grimes needs to follow Bill Maher’s advice; own the good things that the democrats stand for such as health care coverage for everyone, better wages and working conditions, investment in our schools, infrastructure and research and development. She is right to tell her constituents that she works for them, but don’t be afraid to own the laws that actually get the job done.
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