It’s Amateur Hour With The Benghazi Select Committee

In response to the well measured critque of the entire Going to War against Libya and that the Benghazi tragedy may well be a result of that action; while I do most certainly appreciate this critique, the Republican Party as a whole cannot embrace this critique because this line of thinking goes aganist the hawks in their party and can be used to argue against blithely entering military conflicts because then they would have to acknowledge that real world consequences happen that are out of their control, notice that I didn’t mention Iraq in that statement until now. The biggest thing that I got out of reading this article is why are they wasting our resources and our time on this tragedy when we have so much on our plate to fix! We have the long term unemployed who are being shut out of our economy and are suffering horribly, we have crumbling roads and bridges, we have an immigration reform bill to vote on and we have a student debt crisis which is unconscionable and unsustainable. Seriously Benghazi was a tragedy but so were the other attacks that had happened under the Bush administrations, and we didn’t see the Republican Party drop everything and let legislation slide to a standstill to reinvestigate them until they found the answers that they wanted, unlike what they are doing now. That is essentially what they are doing; beating a dead horse until they get a scandal, not justice, just a scandal.
read the article:


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