House Directs Pentagon To Ignore Climate Change

This bill is precisely why the democrats must not lose the Senate in November, because though this bill easily passed through the House, it will go off to the Senate and go away; however, if the Senate turns red in November, all bets are off. Just the other day I was thinking that even as I am thoroughly disheartened by the anti-science dogma going on in the Republican Party, I was hopeful because our huge military, with all of its resources, believes that climate change is real and consideres it to be an issue of great national security and were doing everything in their power to address it; I then read in Salon about this bill, I was immediately depressed. Our military didn’t just realize that climate change is a threat to national security; they alerted the Bush administration to its threat level and the military presented a report listing its assessment and strategies to deal with the many challenges that climate change will present us in the future. Our republican dominated (only by gerry mandering) House would hamstring the miilitary’s ability to respond to what it perceives as a serious national security threat because the House republicans don’t believe in science. I don’t know what to do about this; we have put people in power who do not believe in the scientific method, who don’t understand what the word theory actually means and they are calling the shots that will impact our future. This is why I am depressed.
read the article:


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