Veterans Groups Rip Into Sen. Richard Burr For Questioning Their Priorities

Where is the sensitivity towards the plight of veterans everywhere? What was Senator Burr’s imagined outcome to his ill-worded attack against these veteran’s? I don’t understand the republican party’s outrage because historically they have starved the veteran’s administration of much needed funds; just how often in the past two years have they filibustered many democrat sponsored bills to increase funding for government programs targeted to aid the veteran population? Seriously what was Senator Burr thinking when he wrote that letter, lambasting the veterans for not going on the offensive against those in charge of Veteran’s Affairs, he should have been extending aid and support, not harsh words and hyperbole. We need to address this serious problem with very specific goals and a well thought out plan of action to achieve those goals. That is the real issue to get impassioned over, not trying to get veterans all worked up for political points, that only helps the politicians sitting on their comfortable chairs behind their desks, not the struggling veterans suffering from trauma and life threatening health problems.

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