Senate Democrat Calls For Bringing Back Gun Control Bills

We need to do something and I think that Senator Blumenthal is onto something with his idea of tying it in with access to mental health resources. I am sure that the Republican Party as a whole can at least find some semblance of a backbone and stand up to those who are on the fringe of the party. The second amendment does not read “you get a gun and you get a gun” It calls for a well-regulated militia and that is so very different then simply arming anyone who thinks that they deserve to be armed and loaded. We need lawmakers to become courageous and ignore the N.R.A for now, they aren’t ever going to take away guns, just implement regulations and safety requirements to make purchasing a lethal weapon something that needs to be a little inconvenient, it shouldn’t be like ordering KFC at the drive through.
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  1. Even with something like an interview process that incorporates a “justifiable need” for ownership, someone like Elliot Rodger could have easily said “My daddy’s a Hollywood big shot! I’m important!” and would have been pencil whipped through the process, while someone who is not in the wealthiest 1% would be denied legal ownership as a matter of course.

    1. I still think that certain regulations and safety requirements are good ideas.

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