Civil Liberties Endure Nightmarish Week In Congress

We not only lost the lives of so many loved ones on that horrific day; we lost our freedoms at first deliberately, but now it seems that our fear has become entrenched legally and psychologically. Since when did we let catastrophes define us in such a negative manner? There has to be a way to reclaim our confidence and our security without subjecting ourselves to a police/surveillance state. I know that we made grave mistakes during World War II with the Japanese internment, but I had thought that we had collectively learned from that; that you cannot target an ethnicity or a religion as a whole. I read about the increased militarization of urban police forces, the renewal of the Patriot’s Act and now this article and I get so nostalgic for my young adulthood, that was freedom. Being twenty in 1987, I still had all of the advantages before Reagan’s disastrous influence and policy implementation had really taken hold and changed everything. I am so sad for my two children who are twenty two and twenty; they do not know what it feels like to wake up every morning wondering what opportunity will come knocking that day. They have far too many worries going on about student debt, finding jobs in what fields and other depressing things that we the previous generations will have saddled them with because we were too lazy and too greedy to do anything about it.
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