One Year After Obama’s Big Drone Speech, Many Promises Left Unkept

I wish that we would just scrap the entire drone program; it is one of the worst technologies introduced into the theater of combat. It dehumanizes killing, it doesn’t lessen civilian risk and it renders killing to a video game like mode of execution. There is nothing positive about the drone program from where I stand. Moreover, this War on Terror much like the War on Drugs hasn’t done our society much good I would argue the opposite; it has hurt us far more then served us in any justifiable capacity. We have let our insecurity take away many of our liberties; we have allowed our baser fears to target the “other” in many ways within our country. We have taken ourselves out of the physical equation by employing these drones to target and kill and the message it sends is our nation: judge and executioner. On another point; there is always truth to fiction; if it is imagined; it will come to pass. I know that I watch quite a bit of t.v and at this moment 24 with Kiefer Sutherland is dealing with drones that have been hacked by a terrorist who is very angry with the U.S President, for killing her husband and a group of innocents in a drone strike. I realize that it’s fiction, but the possibilities are out there. Our President, now that he is wrapping up presidency should at least try to fulfill his promises of getting us out of this perpetual war.
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