Mitt Romney: Obama ‘Needs To Take Responsibility For His Failures’

Jon Stewart had an excellent segment about the horrendous state of affairs that the Veteran’s Affairs finds itself in, not just now, but historically ever since the Civil War. In my opinion his segment underscored the saddest thing of all; that this is nothing new. President Obama should have made the veterans a greater priority and I am sure that he will do everything that is possible in his bag of tools to get things done, but honestly what were we expecting when after two long wars, a Republican Party who for decades have always slashed government programs designed to help those in need, what was going to happen to all of these wounded soldiers? Yes there is a bureaucracy in place, but I am sorry even in the private sector when you have the amount of traffic that the V.A has to deal with, with very limited funding and support, even the most private of private facilities would be swamped and unable to successfully navigate the wounded through their systems and facilities. We need to make a decision: if we are going to put young men and women in harm’s way, then we have to commit the proper resources to them when they come home. This has not been the case since the Civil War and why oh why haven’t we learned that? Why oh why do we forget these things? Why is our capacty for memory so short?
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