Cutting Back on Carbon

The Republican Party accuses the Obama administration of failing to lead the world in anything; well here is an issue that we should take up and lead with, it would do us and the planet a ton of good. Unfortunately the Republican Party would never allow us to lead in Cap and Trade or alternative renewable energy sources. If we aren’t leading militarily then we should just take our ball from the court and go home to lick our “wounds”. There is a serious illness going around the wealthy community and no one dares to speak of it, though the disease does have its own reality show, it is called Hoarders. The Koch brothers have it and we as a society are being directly affected by wealth hoarding and we have to force our lawmakers to stand up and just say no. Both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt knew the dangers of this serious disease and took great lengths to contain it. They were successful for a time and only because they took the tough love approach. We need to resurrect those laws and measures. I am trying to be a little funny but this is a serious issue. The Koch brothers are trying to get their congress people to tax homeowners over installing solar panels, trying to make it too expensive, thereby forcing them out of an alternative energy source. Why, because it would take profits away from Koch industries. We can’t afford them dictating our energy policy, not anymore.
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