House’s Pro-Medical Marijuana Vote Shocks Even Longtime Supporters

I for one applaud the house for its vote, very good news indeed. This is a great first step in perhaps a start towards dismantling the War on Drugs. What has our War on Drugs produced since the 1970’s? We have a massive private prison system, which I would argue is another tool in our institutionalized racist policies. This has severely undermined the African-American and Latino communities in achieving their hopes and dreams; we see communities without fathers, brothers and sons thus depriving children of a family structure, poverty, income loss, and security, which has harmed their communities for far too long. Just recently I read an article about Mexican farmers who are now forced to plant other crops in lieu of their traditional marijuana crop because the prices aren’t worth the cost ever since American states have started legalization. Now that is an effective tool against illegal drug trafficking; strike the producers where it hurts, in their wallets. Moreover environmentally, it is imperative to legalize our marijuana production because marijuana demands a tremendous amount of water; in the U.S with our drought conditions, we need water regulation and not illegal water siphoning, very important considerations for communities to determine together. Moreover, so many states are in need of revenue and as we have seen in Colorado; if done responsibly, revenue can be raised to reinvest in infrastructure, education and public service. We know that the War on Drugs is a failure, now we have to act on our knowledge.
read the article:

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