Obama Climate Change Policy Comes With Perils

I have heard all of the republican and libertarian talking points about how bad this is for the economy; it is a job killer, climate change isn’t real, we aren’t yet ready to give up on fossil fuels and government intervention just isn’t the answer. All that I really hear in the midst of all these talking points is no. no, not possible, no we can’t. I believe that even if 97% of the climate scientists are wrong about climate change, I still want clean air, clean water and clean soil. I want to stop worryning about toxic chemicals in my water and food. All of this complaining about the cost, well what is money for if not to spend? When I see petrochemical industrialists such as the Koch brothers with all of their billions; I ask myself when does the quest for more profit ever end? You can’t take your money with you when you die, when the planet is all shriveld up like a raisin after being polluted beyond repair; you can’t drink your money, you can’t eat your money, so what is the point? Don’t these wealthy individuals realize that at some point their need for more money has become a malady, an addiction? Government is for when the need for action is beyound any one indivdual’s capacity; I believe that in this instant of pollution threats and our planet’s need for responsible stewardship, government must be the answer.
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