EPA Releases Much-Anticipated Limits On Power Plant Emissions

This is great news! Ever since President Nixon ushered in the EPA, followed by the Marine Mammal Safety Act, the Clean Drinking Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, we have been relying on his legacy and that is about it. To my knowledge it is President Obama who has picked up the environmental gauntlet to further the important work that our country and planet so desperately needs and between his call for increased gas mileage for most vehicles and the EPA’s newest carbon emission requirements; we have a serious environmental agenda to present the rest of the world. I am sure that China will pick up the challenge; they aren’t short-sighted, they play for the long term. If only the Republican Party would apply their fervor and discipline to the environment and clean energy solutions the same way that they have played a strategic long game in winning state politics, establishing conservative think tanks, conservative media sites and engaging the judiciary to reshape congressional districts; we would be much further along in the race to steering our planet’s environment back into balance. There is a place waiting for the Republican Party at the table; they have the capacity to bring a lot. However, it seems that they don’t want to be there with the rest of us who believe that polluting, drilling and fracking belong in the past. It’s too bad because no matter how lucrative the fossil fuels still are; you can’t eat, drink or breathe your money.
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