Here’s The Simple Reason Congress Hasn’t Fixed The VA

Here is what I gleaned from the article; we are sending our elected officials to congress just so that they can raise money for themselves, to be able to continue to run their campaigns and their party’s campaigns so that they can be re-elected to start the whole fundraising process all over. An endless loop of fundraising with little done to validate its existence, not my idea of democracy in action. I know that we changed the rules regarding how congress raised money, earmarks, and procedural items such as assigning committee slots and etc, but we have found ourselves in a worse mess then it ever was before. It is tragic that being assigned to the VA committee is considered punishment simply because it doesn’t rake in the fundraising dollars such as banking or housing committees do. We know that the backlog has been noted since 2000, but I would think that if money wasn’t at the core of every decision that our elected officials made, then perhaps more would have been achieved. Haven’t we gathered enough data that proves that too much money in anyone’s hands is toxic? Money and politics don’t mix, too much wealth concentrated in too few hands creates a society riddled with weaknesses and imbalance. We desperately need to get money out of politics. Lastly I hope that Senator Bernie Sander’s bill gets passed, at least he has been thinking of the veterans for the entire time and how to get them past the hurdle and onto getting treatment.
read the article:


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