Obama Promotes College Debt Refinancing Bill

Senator Warren’s bill is something that I think absolutely needs to pass and get sent to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law. Our students are not being allowed to fully engage with the economy because of the heavy load of debt on their shoulders and if an opportunity to refinance their interest rates to get them to a more affordable rate, then we all need to get behind that. However this is only a stop gap measure in my opinion; we still need to address the future of higher education and we need to get our legislators, in our respective states, to reinvest our tax dollars into education as a whole because no matter how we cut it, the tax payer pays for higher education, we can choose whether we do it collectively thus sharing the financial burden or we do it individually making our burden a cross to bear and it doesn’t have to be that way. Moreover we can direct our legislators on the federal level to direct more tax dollars to the states specifically for higher education. Lastly, we need to band together as parents and let university administrations know that irresponsibly spending money to outdo other universities in terms of gymnasiums and other luxury items is not helping students whatsoever; these administrators have lost sight of their education mission in their pursuit of bigger and better. I would argue that we are fighting a corporatization of our higher educational system and the fight will be a tough one.
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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    Completely agree! That fact that higher is education is for profit in this country is absurd to begin with what is even more absurd is that politicians who do the bidding for big business and populations also want to kill public education. Just makes me sick to my stomach. http://bit.ly/1kMrKDx

    1. Yeah what you said! 😀

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