Friday Talking Points — An Alternate Reality to Consider

The fictional account at the end seems very prescient to me if circumstances had indeed led to Bergdahl’s demise. I believe that Bergdahl’s release and exchange has put the Republican Party’s worst out front for everyone to see. Bill Maher has the perfect word for this behavior; it is known as “blacktrack” when someone is for something until President Obama endorses it, then it is the worst idea possible. Just last year many of these rightwing politicians and pundits were calling for Bergdahl to be brought home and now that it has been acomplished, President Obama should be impeached, Bergdahl is a deserter/traitor and his father is a Taliban sympathizer. Have they no shame? Meanwhile we have other, very serious items on the agenda to work on; our students are drowning in debt, we still have long term unemployment issues, and we have an entire political party who denies science as a discipline. We have a lot of work on our plate and allowing pettiness and spite to dominate the news cycle, instead of addressing real political problems that belong in the public arena so that they can be addressed and fixed, is wrong. Bergdahl is and was a soldier, under the military purview and he shall remain so, we shouldn’t add to his suffering by letting hatred seep into the public discourse. I feel for the Bergdahl family.
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