Both Parties Face Major Hurdles In Achieving Their Senate Dreams

When it comes to trends, historically it appears that democrats sit out the non-Presidential elections however and this is a big however; the stakes are very high in this mid-term election and by now, I am sure that very many people know it. I don’t think that we have ever seen a political party so out of touch with what the majority of voters want, need or even believe. Most Americans accept that climate change is real and it is impacting our lives. Most Americans believe in the right for women to choose over their reproductive freedoms, most Americans believe that something needs to be done about the level of gun violence and lastly many Americans believe in voting rights. All of these beliefs are being thrown aside by the Republican Party and if they win the senate, I shudder over what they will do beyond the usual obstructionist path that they have chosen for the past six years. I would hope that democrats will surprise everyone and turn out in record numbers to represent and voice their wants, needs and beliefs. We might not have the wealth of the 1%, but we still have one voice and one vote and we had better use it to the best of our ability.
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